Milhent (milhent) wrote,

From stardust1161

Been to an NFL game? - No
Been to Canada? - No
Visited Florida? - No
Visited Mexico? - No
Visited Vegas? - No
Eaten alone at a restaurant? - Yes, quite a few times
Ability to read music? - No, I am not musically inclined at all
Rode a motorcycle? - No. It is something I would have liked to try, as a passenger.
Ridden a horse? - Yes, but it was a very very calm one, I only had to stay on it's back, it knew the route by heart.
Stayed in a hospital? - possibly as a child, but not as far as I remember.
Donated blood? - No.
Been snow skiing? - Yes. Liked it well enough at school, then came to dislike it. I am thinking of trying again, but that had been just an idea for past five years.
Been to Disney World or Disney Land? - No
Slept outside? - Just yesterday.
Driven a stick shift? - I learned to drive one, but I never drove on my own.
Ridden in an 18 wheeler? - No
Driven a boat? - If you mean oars or sail - yes, if you mean motorboat then no.
Eaten Escargot? - No
Been on a cruise? - I wish, they are too expensive.
Run out of gas? - No, as I don't drive
Been on TV? - No
Eaten Sushi? - yes, love it.
Tags: tests & mobs

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