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A tail-end post on whatever I missed in first one.

Finally came announcement about New Years days off. 1st to 10th January off unless there is something important. And 31st December would likely be an office parties day with little real work done. Although there is still nothing about corporate party - when, where and what new horror would they think of.

I've re-potted the flower that badly needed it. I have no name for it but it looks like some kind of ficus (spell?). Now I have to find some bamboo pole to hold it up - I didn't know it was going to grow that big! I've also bought two new plants - a kind of palm-tree and another flower I'll have to look up. I was told that the second one would bloom for half-a-year even in my dark room. And my white rose once again has several blooms. It was badly off and I wasn't sure it would survive, so I gambled and cut it almost completely of.

Mama was vocally against me getting more potted flowers. She has a point about needing windowsills for vegetable seedlings but I'm sure my flowers can deal with a couple of months a bit farther from window. They did well enough last year.

I've also found some time to visit Nika again. As much as I'm uncomfortable around children, I'm completely in love with her daughter, Margarita or Mika for short. It is nice to have someone you can spoil a bit. Strange thing, she is the first niece I can treat as one - in my family I have nieces older than me and younger aunts, and even then most live too far away or we just don't stay in contact. While I was tinkering with computer Nika got me hooked on Farm Frenzy game - not that I have any free time to spend on it. I'll keep it for New Year.

Yes, another one. This one from shechoselove
Ask me a question about each of the following:
1. Friends:
2. Sex:
3. Music:
4. Drugs:
5. Love:
6. LiveJournal:
Then post this in your journal and see which questions are asked.
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