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I have new laptop!

I have new laptop! I have new laptop! I have new laptop!

Today I met my cousin and we went to get my new laptop. Not all went all right - first, the amount of money I could take off from my credit card was smaller then on one I had before, so I ended with too little cache to buy laptop. I lucked out and that shop do take Visa cards now - they didn't half a year ago. Then Sasha got stuck in traffic jam while I stood waiting for them on bus-stop. After that when we were at the check out table and have turned on laptop to check it it turned out it was Linux one - as I wanted - but it was some kind of Linux neither of us have heard before, and a console one to boot. So I had to go to Sasha and he had to re-install XP for me. Lucky that he had all he needed. He also set me a Windows 7 on a separate drive so that I can play with it for a bit.

So today I don't have time to deal with my new toy, as it is already late. But tomorrow I'll move all programs I need there. and prepare my old one for sale - I admit it probably just needs its disk formatted and checked out - and op.sys. downgraded to Win 2000 at least.

Oh, yea, it is ASUS/X58L 15.4"
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