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Writer's Block: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Cancelled flights, missed connections, long layovers—what's the worst holiday travel story you've heard? Or experienced?

As I didn't travel much so far, the worst holiday travel story I have is my trip from Moscow to Kharkov last year.

I have planned my trip so that I flew to Moscow in the morning, met with my cousin and then we spent day going around the city. And in the evening we got on the overnight train to Kharkov. The idea was to sleep over the trip and start the next day fresh and well-rested. Unfortunately, we got tickets into different cabs and as we were crossing border no switches were allowed.

I was slightly more lucky as there were two other women with me, Natasha rode with another woman and two man. Still both of us didn't get much sleep that night. The man riding with me was drunk. Then he drank some more. Offered three of us a drink and when we refused drank himself. Finally he fell asleep. And started snoring. And screaming like somebody was killing him. He finally calmed down a bit around 5am but didn't stop snoring. Natasha later said that two men from her compartment were also heavily drinking and singing and she was worried that they would get violent.
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