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ROFLMAO questions.

I've checked thequestionclub and run into this post containing questions a bored 14 year old kid asked her aunt. I laughed and then remembered a bunch of similar questions my sister and I used to torture our parents with. We absolutely loved unanswerable questions or the ones that were based on word-play and so had two answers. Too bad they don't translate well.

1) Words "rub" and "three" spelled same in Russian as "tri", so there were two questions based on this:
      a) Tri cow(s), how many legs? - it could mean how many legs you can count on three cows or on one that you had just rubbed.
      b) Tri and tri and tri and tri - what would you get? Either 12 or a hole.
2) Under what kind of bush hare hides when it is raining? - Under wet one.
3) How far does hare run into the forest? - Until it reaches the middle, after that it is running out.
4) The word "Otchego" can mean "how does / where does it start from / why" depending on the question.
      a) Otchego the duck swims? - That was our favorite as adults always did their best to explain how and often missed when we tried to tell them that the duck swims from shore.
5) A non-sense but logical chain of questions.
      a) How do you put a giraffe in the fridge? - You open the fridge, put giraffe in and close the fridge.
      b) How do you put an elephant in the fridge? - You open the fridge, take giraffe out, put elephant in and close the fridge.
      c) The lion have called all animals to him. Who didn't come? - Elephant. He is still in the fridge.
      d) You need to cross a river filled with crocodiles. How would you do it? - Easily. Crocodiles all went to lion when he called them.
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