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December 31 - New Year.

Hello, it is Katya, from Omsk,Russia. I made my first ADIML some time ago - back in October, so now I decided to do another one. Unfortunately, weather didn't agree with me - I wanted to do a winter post, but there was no snow at all.
So, here is my New Year's day - from early wake up to late night family celebration. I have to admit, there are some holes in photos, as I was either way too busy with cooking/decorating or was doing the same thing for a long time.

Good morning. Ugh, it is my day of but I have to get up earlier than I would have liked as I forgot to buy ribs for tonight.

I leave my laptop to download torrents at night as it is nearly soundless and the first thing I do is checking how did it go.

Breakfast. Leftover potatoes and fried eggs. And, yes, I didn't wash up that morning - I gust washed my eyes to open them.

I it still dark when I leave. At least we got some snow overnight.

On my way to the market. Lots of fur-tree sales and many stalls sell New Year's decorations, fireworks and lights.

Inside the market. Everything decorated and most of sellers wear Santa's hats, plastic crowns or tinsel. And each sale is finished with something like: "Happy New Year!" - "Same to you and best wishes!"

Outside as I was leaving. More New Year themed stalls.

Back home. Time check

And a photo of me with bags. Turned out, I bought wrong piece of meat and now have to go to the market again. Bags can stay on the floor, I just stuck wrong ribs into the freezer.

My apartment building from road.

A life-note about being careful while crossing the road. One minute earlier this dog had four puppies. I think she was teaching them to cross the road. Two crossed with her, but another two got scared and by the time they went, a car was too close. Driver hit one of the pups and didn't even stopped to check. The second car stopped, but the puppy was dead.

A "social" market. They have lower prices and additional discounts for pensioners and veterans. It is closer so I hoped to get meat there . No such luck - I had to go all the way to the market.

Full mess of what I bought. It'll keep while I'll prepare ribs.

Said ribs. I took this photo for the recipe post.

Ribs are wrapped up to marinate

And I'm cleaning up.

A look into the fridge as I stuff food I bought wherever I can fit it. Thankfully it is mostly fruits that I can leave in the windowsill.


The mess I left in my room this morning. Time for some serious end-of-year clean up.

Another timecheck after emergency clean-up.

I'm getting ready to leave again. I made a very stupid thing and didn't sign some reports. Well, I was supposed to sign them over internet, but I broke floppy disk and didn't have time to replace it.
So now I have to get to the office before they'll decide to close.

As I was in hurry, I took a route taxi. Fast, cheap and dangerous.

In the center of our city. Somewhere around here was that office.

I got to the office and found out that they were "mostly closed". I couldn't sign reports but was told that I have until the end of January to sign them. And that information they publish is just to "scare people to make them hurry up".

While I was waiting for a bus I saw this group. Good thing I had my hand on my camera.

When I got home I found out that my father got off earlier and my sister was on her way too. So I didn't have time to take a lot photos.

Father was against getting a tree, but in the end he was the one who bought it and was setting it up when I came. I was immediately mobilized to help him. When my sister came, she was set on the kitchen duty.

During one break she took. She went looking through a box of decorations and fount these wigs. We put them on and father took pictures.

I had some pine branches hidden for my personal tree and went to get them. To save my carpet from resin and needles I turned a corner away and my cat came to check it.

Setting up branches - my sister got camera and snapped a bunch of pictures just to do something.

Finished "tree". It looks better in real life - too much tinsel reflects light.

Again timechek. Mama came home and we went to finish decorating main tree.

After much arguing and conflicting directions we are done.

Two main managers - papa and Alice.

Mama and Ola got to the computer. Ola's friend recently married and moved to Israel. She now lives in Ashkelon and the school that was hit by a missile is only a couple of streets away from her house. So Ola is very worried.

And I don't have time to waste. I still have to cook meat.

And Ola still has to deal with fruits.

Timecheck. Both for this post and to know when did I put meat into the oven.

Marinated ribs. Not what recipe calls for, but as I reread it I found out that for some reason I managed to read "beef" when it needed "pork"

I can't cut onions, I start crying almost immediately. So, I asked father to do it for me.

While I check mail, forums, ICQ and so on.

Back into kitchen to make sauce to baste meat in.

Ribs that I was dancing around. Our oven is not suited for this.

And whenever I had time I helped with the table.

Two photos of our family at the table.

Meat is done and just in time to serve it before midnight.

Five-minute countdown is close to an end. We are listening to the president's speech and father fills glasses with champaign.

Once glasses are filled I turn off the light. We have our tree and a candle on the table. We clink glasses filled with champaign while clock chimes.

My parents and a fully served table - we always start with just salads to try and stop us from overeating. It never really helps.

Timecheck. I'm almost ready to fall asleep.

I remembered that I didn't have a decent photo of me. So I had mother take it.

Last internet visit before bed.

Good night, everyone!

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