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Work and plans

Officially, it is still my time off thanks to the New Year's holidays. But, because my last workday - December 30th - was a completely insane day with me solving problems in 5 different programs at the same time, it was a given that I would forget something.
So, instead of going back to work on 11th, I had to go in today. All because of some 20 lines of code I forgot to move from testing copy into a working one. And of course if I'm already here girls have a loooong list of "tings wrong in our new program, that we need corrected ASAP". And we told them that they would have this kind of list once they would take a better look at the program they wanted. They didn't believe us. Well, now they do.

On the other hand - tomorrow is Christmas! Not that it is a really special day for my family. But it is guaranteed  that noone is going to have to go to work, so we have planned a family movie trip. It was a longest time since we had one. I took both of my parents separately to sightsee new movie theater, and before that it was back in Soviet times when we were kids. We are going to see "Obitaemyi Ostrov" ("Habited Island" or "Prisoners of Power" by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky) and once there is something worthwhile on, I want to see something in 3D.

BTW, almost forgot! chernobyl907 - big thanks!!! Your snow got here all right, we now have a respectable layer, though not those "5 to 9 inches" you were talking about. We got only 3 to 5 inches. I'm so happy!
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