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Work bitching

Somebody, please, shoot me now! It is only lunch break on third workday of six-day work-week, and I'm already more than ready to drop. The return to work was crazy for all of us - with splitting of our company and sorting out all small (and not-so-small) mistakes and left-over ends that came from it.

Sunday was worst. Once again I had to deal with three-four problems at the same time and the new program I spent New years holiday modifying refused to work. It took me all second half of the day to come to a conclusion that there was no other way but to kill modified program and its database and start over. Four days of my work and who knows how many hours of entering information were destroyed. Good thing we had a small late-birthday party in the evening - I was in slightly better state by the time I got home, didn't want to hit the next person who decided to ask me something.

Monday was slightly better. No more than three problems at once and on most I was able to tell "Remind me in N minutes, hopefully I'll be free then". But, the idea to steal an add-on to transfer data from our old program to a new one was a fail. Programmer who made it has less experience than I do and they needed to move everyone while I need to be able to select one person at time and put everything to a correct record in new base.  It ended in brain melt all the same - I think once at home I spent about half-an-hour staring at the frozen dough before I remembered that I wanted some tea. Making cookies was good. I didn't have to think as it was simple "roll out, put sugar on top, cut" deal. I didn't even got to taste them - I don't like sugar ones and once I put last spiced batch in oven I went to sleep.

So today I'm working on that transfer add-on in-between still dealing with a continuing wave of one-minute-problems. Twice so far it took me over fifteen minutes to see the simplest reason for the problem. One was a not-pressed button, another - we just put in wrong sum and wanted to get the right answer.
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