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No, I'm not dead. Yet.

But I really need to take a vacation soon. So far all of my weekend plans go down the drain mostly because of the weather. While at -25C it doesn't rate as "freezing", I have no doubts that I'll catch a bad cold at the very least just getting there. On top of that I don't have any skiing clothes and what I wear instead is good only up to -15C.

So today after work I'll go to check out if I can get an affordable trip to Sheregesh and if I can, then I'll try to get three weeks off some time around end of February - beginning of March. It is not my scheduled time off but by May I'll probably start biting people.

The only bright spot of this weekend was a call from Dedy. Maybe it is stupid to fall in love with someone you have never met and only talked to several times - but I did. We still can't really talk - mostly because I can't hear a lot of what he is saying, line just keeps hissing and cracking and my English isn't good enough to guess. I really wish we could meet face-to-face. Should I offer an idea of taking a summer vacation together? Or would it be too forward?...

Usually, my dreams are fun or one of several kinds of weird I'm long used to. But not this one.

I dreamed that I'm late for work and wake up when my phone rings, asking why I am that late and telling me to get my ass there or else. Once I get to work - that was a whole new bunch of weird, from riding a chokobo to hijacking a plane - I get a long and loud lecture on how my being late can or already did lead to the end of world. Then i got either a threat of being fired or I was fired. And this lecture was delivered by Sasha - who is a "hardware master", works at the factory (I work in office) and has nothing to do with me. The dream stopped repeating only after I have fished my phone from under the sofa and checked the time. It was 4 am and i had 2 hours before I had to get up.
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