Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Vacation plans

To be fair, I should have posted this back on 14th, but I was too busy to get to LJ. Now that I have some quiet time at work (while all others are too busy to bother me) I can post some updates.

Main news are that I have decided to move my vacation time a couple of months ahead - before I start biting people. Original plans were set to May to go visiting my cousin in Kharkov. Then we were supposed to go to Kiev to see lilacs in Central Botanical Garden. Now that is the plan for next year as I don't want to wait that long to take vacation. Plus I run into an open invitation in my friend-list, that I just couldn't pass.

That was from a group of snowboarders who go to Ruka, Finland and are renting a couple of houses. And they wanted to get more people so it would be cheaper. I found it almost at the last moment and wasn't even sure I would be able to get time off. But now, a week after deadline, I'm in and the only thing I have to do is send them necessary documents and payment. This morning I booked tickets to Moscow and back and from there on all is taken care of.

Oh, yes, and the only other thing I have to do is pack. This is my personal nightmare. I've never traveled outside the country - Ukraine doesn't count, there is next to no difference from Russia - and never went anywhere completely on my own. And did I mention that my total experience in skiing is one hour and in snowboarding is zero? One bright spot is that I was given a contact to someone who would hopefully help me not to make too many mistakes, another one is that next weekend is three-day one so that I'll have time to do some serious shopping.
Tags: moments of my life, vacation

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