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More beads jewelry adv

I was wrong - Loi-San has three cords, not two.

So, these three cords are for sale:

Length about 1,5m or about 5ft.
Price - 30$ + mailing.
Was tested by three cats and survived undamaged. Right now has an artistic hole near one end, but it would be repaired. Despite the hole it didn't start to fall apart in the slightest.

Length about 70cm or 2,29ft.
Price - 20$ + mailing.
Younger brother of the above. Was made from the leftover mix and used to test adding fastener.

Length about 70cm or 2,29ft.
Price - 30$ + mailing.
Was made as a gift for her mother, but Loi-San got a better idea, so this one went up for sale. The best name for it a "fuzzy" cord. At first, "fuzz" was a combination of glass beads and the bugle beads made the "body" of the cord. But it didn't turn out right, so glass beads and the bugle beads changed places.
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