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Friday Five - -March 6, 2009

1. If your car/bike is wrecked (if your mass transit service goes belly-up), do you know what you would do to replace it, perhaps even have the car or bike you want already picked out?
I'll grab my father and have him pick up a good bike for me - as I have absolutely no idea about them. And you wouldn't get me to drive a car unless it is live-or-death situation.

2. A client/friend gives you a lottery ticket, which wins you a prize worth (after taxes) ten times as much money as you earned/received last year. What will you do with it?
If you mean "would I give it back to him" - no. He gave a ticket to me and there was no guarantee that it'll win. If you want to know what would I spend money on - ten times as much as I've earned last year would be about enough to buy a new flat, so that's would I do.

3. Fight or flee?
Flee. I'm not good at fighting. But if I'm not alone then I would fight to give others time to get away and bring help. I was it similar situation, so I do know for sure.

4. Someone performs a random act of kindness that is exactly what you need on a bad day. If you wish to pay them back, would you write a poem, bake, buy something, or what?
Depending on person, but I'd do my best to find out what they need and do/get it for them. If they don't need anything I can do, then I'd bake a cake or a plate of cookies for them.

5. Your manager commands you to pick a charity to contribute to. Do you resist? If not, which charity would be your first choice?
I would resist. I don't know any charities around here, so I won't be the best choice. If I have no choice, then the only one choice I can offer is Omsk Animal Shelter.
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