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For "March 6-8, 2009 Weekend" on photoschallenge

Yep. Another one of mindless weekly challenges I decided to join in.
While the photoschallenge community welcomes space-hogging, here I put all the photos under cut.

1. Something juicy.

An experiment in which I have completely messed up the recipe that somehow turned out tasty and juicy.

2. Something backwards.

I had absolutely no idea what to use here... An old photo of a masochist cat of my co-worker. He absolutely loves when he is spanked hard. But trying to pet him often results in biting and scratching.

3. A photo that represents "evolution."

A bit of "evolution" of Russian-Soviet-Former Soviet coins as I have it in my coin collection.

4. Something green.

My green windowsill - my pride and joy.

5. A photo taken through a window.

As right now there is nothing worth taking pictures outside of the window, I choose an old autumn photo of the first snowstorm of the year. It is through a window, even if back then I did my best not to catch window.

6. A photo of something strong.

Near the restored Assumption Cathedral there is a recovered pedestal of the monument of Alexander II. It was blown up and then buried under destroyed cathedral for 90 years, yet the text is still intact.

7. A photo of something weak.

A young birch tree in the wind.

8. A photo of something that reminds you that Spring is coming!

Tulips are one of traditional flowers of the Woman's day. So for me they are one of the first signs of spring.

9. A photo of something "sizzling."

Yea, I know. Very original. Not.

10. A picture of opposites.

My sister and I, at the New Year. We are complete opposites - from appearance to characters and to tastes in everything. A lot of people refuse to believe we are related.
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