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Suomi 2009 - day two.

So, the second day have started with me dragging snowboard up to the rental to switch it to skis. Actually, with our apartment block being "ski in - ski out" we had a surface-lift right next to it, but I wasn't stupid enough to try going up on snowboard. Once I got there, I had no further problems. And another thing I've forgot to mention - the language problem. Or more preciously the lack of it. Everyone I've met spoke at least enough English to understand me and quite a number of people spoke a bit of Russian. Well, looking back there was almost half-and-half of Russian and all other people there so it was expected that staff at each place would learn Russian at least a bit.

After that I went to dump my boots at home - and I really should have taken a bag with me to put them in - riding down even the easiest slope with them in one hand really screwed my balance and included several falls and one almost-meeting with a tree. And from there on I was skiing. Only on the two easiest slopes and barely faster then crawling at first. I didn't even bother to go home for lunch deciding as I was on a vacation that justified a bit of overspend and a visit to a restaurant. As I rarely go to restaurants, prices were scary - I took soup, salad and tea and it was 12 euro. (When I go to a restaurant at home I usually spend about 4-5 euro, but I have to admit they are low-end ones) Also I was very glad that I've asked for a child-sized salad, which was half the size of the regular one, and still too big for me.

After eating I went back and tried slopes on the other side of the hill - it is not high enough to be called a mountain. Actually, all of the riding slopes are there and the ones on the village side are more to get back to village when you are going back. I did fall several times when I wend faster then I was comfortable with, but still I was having too much fun to go home when I got cold. So after checking a map - lucky me they were everywhere - I found a small cabin with an open-fire hearth. It was nice but being as cold-sensitive as I am I still had to go home soon after.

The rest of the evening I spent shopping, watching TV - even though there were few channels in English - and getting to know Anya and Dima - my housemates. They are both snowboarders with Dima being more experienced and Anya just starting. So Dima threatened promised to take us with him tomorrow to get us riding "for real". On that optimistic note we went to the local club Pista for the "opening of the Freecamp" party. On the way there we met most of the rest of the group, which resulted in quite a bit of disorder while we were waiting. Culminating in finding a sled and using it to try to perform some of the freestyle jib tricks. When we got to the club it was pretty much what I expected - loud music, no non-alcohol drinks and already a number of drunk people. Clubs are definitely not my thing, so I've escaped soon after.
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