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For "Textiles and Materials" on  photoschallenge

Another photo post for photoschallenge. This one's theme was "Textiles and Materials".

1. Wool, fur, leather, or cotton.

A "double fur" - my cat sleeping on my sheepskin coat.

2. Silk, satin, or velvet
I don't have anything for this one.

3. Plant material - grass, leaves, twigs, flowers

A bird's nest. This photo is from the year before last, but whatever kind this bird is it is very stubborn. It choose to have its nest in the bushes right along the walkway and nothing will chase it away. So I expect to be able to take more photos this year.

4. Wood

Do you know how hard is it to find something made from real wood in modern house? Everything I've pocked at turned out to be Particle board. Until I remembered old grandfather's table which is sturdy enough to last till my grandchildren at least. So, here it is.

5. Plastic.

My skiing mask.

6. Glass.

Our glassware cupboard.

7. Metal.

A sculpture depicting Lyuba, the wife of Gustav Hristianovich Gasford (Siberian Governor-General from 1851 to 1861) sitting where there was her favorite groove outside old Omsk fortress. Now it is in the center of the city near the Lyubinsky Avenue or Lenin Street (as it was renamed after October revolution).

8. Stone.

A construction site in the strangest place - right in the middle of other old apartment buildings. And before they begun there was a number of playgrounds and a football field for three apartment buildings.

9. Polyester or rayon.

A plushie dog I bought while I was in Finland. It is so cute and soft, I couldn't not buy it.

10. Rubber.

A bunch of rubber bands mother uses to better seal her winter preserves.
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