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General rant because I'm not in any state to do any real work.

Two unrelated rants about reasons why I can't concentrate on working.

Birthday list.

  1. Celebration at work.
    Cake, that would be enough. There will be new vodka sampling tomorrow, I don't need to bring more alcohol.

  2. Buy a cake to bring to work.
    One thing I don't have to worry about as mama took over, she would know which one to get

  3. Home party celebration.
    Moved to Friday. Probably, it will be only four of us unless aunt won't drop in.

  4. Presents. Grrrrr... Every year is the same.
    I don't f.....g need presents! I'm perfectly capable of cluttering my room on my own! And what I want (not need) I won't get. I can swing buying a new laptop by pointing out that father hogs computer until 10pm, but even I can't find a believable reason for getting PS3.
    Yet, I have a number of people who insist on pestering me about what should they get me. And mama for some reason is back to her idea of getting me a new painting for my room. No. No way in hell. Not in my live. I have already barely avoided death by my current painting when the glass covering it suddenly fell out.

  5. Friends.
    I suppose I'll have to get Loi-San to visit me on weekend and I still have to call Veronika to arrange visiting them. I didn't see them since before New year and I owe my almost-niece at least three sets of presents.

Cat trouble.

My biggest worry right now is that something is wrong with Alisa. Two days ago I noticed that she has some kind of growth on her teat and she didn't have anything there two week ago. And it seems to grow. I got an appointment with a vet for today so now I'll have to ask if I can go home earlier. Otherwise I may be late and after he agreed to see us today I don't want to cause further inconvenience for him.

And getting that cat on leash wouldn't be easy. Yesterday when I came home and she overheard me talking about her appointment she disappeared completely. In three-room flat it is not an easy trick. I didn't see her until this morning when she was sleeping on my bed as usual.
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