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My Alisa.

So, I finally got around telling you more about my Alisa.

First I want to thank everyone who took time to calm me down. Alisa is now recovering nicely, even if she can feel pain from stitches now. She prefers to curl in one of the linen boxes, so that she wouldn't be bothered, but she comes to us to ask to pet her. And of course she is back to her usual practice of finding the most comfortable spot to sleep at night - the one that is most uncomfortable for me. She also started eating this morning. Vet told us that she can eat normal foods, but once again I'm being careful and for a couple of days she is on soft foods and mince meat. That hideous covering is going to stay on for at least another 10 days but I'm getting annoyed as Alisa keeps untying laces on her back.

And a bit about Alisa herself. She is half-siamese half-birman and nine years old. She is a house-cat, but in summer we take her with us to summer house on weekends, but she is useless as a hunter - she is chased by birds and scared of mice. Alisa is my second cat - I found that I can't live without a cat at home with me. I got her when she was too small to be taken from mother and I had to feed her several times at night. I think it played a big role in that she is extremely affectionate with family and hostile to all outsiders. The only exception are children under 10 - toddlers are allowed to do almost anything, she wouldn't even hiss at them and other can pet and grab her, but she would hiss and hit them with clawless paw if they annoy her. With a number of small nieces and cousins I have and their tendency to visit us in packs it is a blessing.

And here are two more photos of her:
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