Milhent (milhent) wrote,

All over the world winter is a season. In Russia it is a natural disaster.

It's freezing at home!

I wear tights and jeans with wool sweater and waistcoat (with wool filling), while my cat sleeps under the covers and eats hot broth (she wouldn't touch it until it was stone cold usually). I set alarm for 9am and was already waking up by then, but I just had to stick my hand from under covers to decide than I don't want to get up. As a result I slept until 12am, when father asked me to find his forgotten notebook and read it.

Well, my sister did better. She slept till 3pm. On other hand, at her place it is +17C (62F), while I am blessed with 19C (66F).

When will the central heating kick in?!
Tags: moments of my life

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