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Again about Alisa.

I took her yesterday to check up how she is healing and it he can take stitches out. Turns out no, it is still too early, we are going to wait until Tuesday earliest. Alisa was also running a bit of fever, so he gave her a shot for it. Also I was told that now I can let her go without protective body cloth when I can look out for her and stop her from tearing stitches out. So I took a chance to wash it. Alisa was happy and in the evening it was a fight to get it back on. That cat can get out of harness in one minute, so you can imagine how hard is it to put on her something with seven strings.

That fight to get the body cloth on was the main reason for todays freak-out. When i was setting to sleep I noticed that Alisa doesn't want me to touch her hind leg. It was the same leg she received the shot in, but she also was kicking it a lot when I was getting her dressed. So I was afraid she have dislocated her leg. I called a vet from another clinic - the one I went to before doesn't do house calls - and when he came over I had also asked him about post op. scar as I was afraid it is really big and ugly.

Turned out I was panicking over nothing. The scar really should look like that after this kind of operation and the limp came from shot and not a dislocation. So now I'll have to put hot pack on it for several days. And I'll have to ask Chernigov to take an X-ray of her lungs as it is the first place where metastasis would form if cancer wasn't benign. Chances are low, but I'd like to know for certain.

And here is the photo of scar - I took it back on the third day so now it is far less scary.
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