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Animals photoschallenge.

With my cat still recovering from her operation from over a week ago, I have failed in my plans to take a lot of new photos for this one challenge. So, I'm sorry, but it was taken over by cats in general and Alisa who got full three photos.

I'll get Alisa's photos out of the way first.

She is greeting my ex-bf, who had dared to try and pet her. That's not something that she allows just anyone and definitely not to someone she doesn't like.

6th of May. Four hours after operation. Stubborn cat decided that she doesn't want to stay in the open... or in the box, or anywhere we would want her. So after crawling all around our flat she somehow got into linen box under parents' sofa where she finally settled down.

Today. This stupid face is a subtle hint that she is hungry, and would I do something useful and bring her some meat and water. Well, how can I deny her? Here's a link to a photo of the only way she would agree to eat right now.

Another cat. According to my sister, this one spends all summer like that - walking and lounging around the balcony. And chasing birds when they get too close. Completely fearless and unconcerned that it is on the fourth floor.

Random cute dog I saw when taking photos of the cat above.

A bird. I have no idea what kind is it, but it was calm enough that I managed to get pretty close to take photos.

Old photo of a flock of pigeons. They have found a very good place - right between two shops, near Children's Clinic and playground. There is always someone feeding them there. Or some child running through the biggest mob to get them flying.

Young sparrow. It was quite a challenge to get close - I was creeping for about 15 minutes before father came by and scared him off.

A spider that have landed on my hand. I was chasing it all around and still out of 10 photos only one was good.

My cousin's cat from Kharkov. He is big, calm and confident cat. And very strong.

Another cat from Kharkov. This one belongs to my aunt. Tiny, bouncy, fast, impudent, annoying... and gay. Which is causing a lot of distress to my cousin's cat, who is strait, thank-you-very-much.
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