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Bad, bad, bad...

Damn. Alisa is a lot worse. She was fine yesterday, when I took her to vet for check up - I didn't like how the scar where her teat was removed looked. He told me that it seemed all right if a bit big and to watch it. He also told me to come over on Wednesday. But in the evening, Alisa was limping badly and crying when I so much as touched her leg - the one near the removed teat. And unlike last time it didn't get even a bit better by the morning. She is limping even worse.

I'm waiting until 9am when vet clinic is open and then I'm calling them. I would either take Alisa there or ask someone to come over. And if I'll go there on my own, then I'm taking taxi, that's how bad it is.
Tags: cats and kitties

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