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Cat's IV and faints.

I want to officially state that this was the last time I allowed anyone to accompany me to vet! From now on I will go alone! Everyone else can wait outside.


Yesterday, mother offered to take Alisa to vet, so that I wouldn't waste time to go home to pick her up. Once there I asked mother to help to hold Alisa while they put IV in - first time she moved at exactly wrong moment and hurt herself. Mama didn't have any problems until suddenly she said "I need to go outside". And not a two minutes later came calls for a chair and smelling salts. Fortunately, she didn't really faint, but it was some time before we could safely leave.

Today my sister asked me to bring our photo camera, she would meet me at clinic and take it for weekend. Then she decided to join me as she was free for the evening. We took medicine and went to the night department of clinic, as we were late. Once again I asked her to help. Ola did faint at the sight of blood, but that was years ago and now she is even an unofficial medic of her friends. But it was stuffy and hot there, so near the end of procedure she went outside. I couldn't see how did she fall from rails, but as >6.5ft fall wasn't accompanied with swearing, I think that was her first faint. Then after Ola came in to show she was alive and cleaned up a bit, she went back out... only to faint once again, but this time where she could be seen. As he already took the needle out, vet left me to care for Alisa and went to help Ola - chair, smelling salts, corvalol...

And the moment I was distracted, furball took her chance to bolt, jumping from the table and running outside. And that is a cat, who refuses to walk anywhere at home - demanding that we carry her.
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