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And another rant/update on Alisa.

That cat is definitely trying to kill me. Either with worry or with more conventional methods.

On first count, she is not eating or defecating. She has been eating little since operation, aside from a week before last when she was eating almost normal portions. Last week amounts got smaller and smaller and yesterday I had to feed her myself. And I don't think we had to clean up her shit since Thursday. Vet says that her stomach works normally and I should just try to give her some vegetable oil - she had greedily lapped it and asked for more - and carrot juice - will try that today.
I was far less worried about her not eating, as Alisa likes to show her displeasure with us by going no hunger strikes. But this one is longer then all previous ones, and at the very least she could never resist Wiskas wet food. Which she refused yesterday and today's morning. I'll be asking vets about it because Alisa is getting too thin.

And on the second count, let it be known that Alisa hates being carried around in bags and prefers to travel in our arms or when cold inside of our coats. Usually I also put a harness and a lead on her, as she is not used to them and they are the best way to keep her from bolting. But after operation Alisa was unusually calm and to keep her more comfortable I carried her without harness. This Saturday she finally took advantage of it. She tried to bolt as I was exiting a bus and jigging two bags and a cat. I managed to catch both her and bags, but ended up with ruined jeans (left leg is almost torn off below knee), damaged shoes (noses are scrapped and left heel is wobbly) and one hell of a scrapped knee - I didn't have a scrape like that since I tried skateboarding when I was 15.

So now Alisa finally is not limping, but I do. And it hurts even to bend my knee to sit down.
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