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Dacha photos.

As i don't have any photos for photoschallenge, I'll just post some photos from dacha. Flowers, a bird - that was a pain to hunt down - and a general view. I really should take a new set of view photos, there were changes since last year.

Our dacha
Our dacha - or at least a part of it nearest to the house.
Last year's photo as I didn't take any good ones this year.

That robin that just loves singing all night through and
has only two settings: loud and loudest.

Alpine hill
Small alpine hill right in front of our porch.

Close up on saxifrage on our small alpine hill.

Lilies - a different and smaller ones then in past years, but still nice.

A bushy one. I didn't even know they could be bushy.
Too bad edible ones are outlawed - they were both beautiful and tasty.

Eschscholzia 2
Eschscholzia californica "Apple tree flower".
New addition to our flower garden that I really like.

Eschscholzia 1
A single flower close up.

Eschscholzia californica
These ones are new too, but I have no idea about them.
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