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30 cats update. And other news.

Those 30 cats I wrote about before were finally moved out from that woman's flat. Some even found new permanent homes. And while there is still no word from relatives, woman's neighbors are taking over her care.

Here are some more photos, nicer ones: Beautiful girl, Blind cat, Five more beauties.


On other hand, I got a firm confirmation that at least for now I can't have a cat. After playing with a little kitten and having it nuzzle my face I got a flare up of allergy. So furry cats are definitely out. I may have a chance with sphinx cats - if I can convince my parents they aren't ugly - but they are expensive and not really suited for our weather. Well, there is always a cat show on city's birthday and I'll try to get mother over there.

And at work I'm busy. Well, not right now, but it is first time I'm not doing anything that was due two days ago since last Wednesday. Yesterday was worst by far - I was writing/editing 5 programs at once. Add to this broken LAN connection to factory on Monday, that delayed solving another problem and regular "I did something wrong and now your program doesn't work" complaint... I was dead in the evenings. But at least it looks like I'm done for now. *subtly pushes three not-emergency requests away* I said, I'm done. At least until after lunch.

And weather is one again going insane: from +30C on Sunday to barely +10C today, with strong wind and rain. Parents were checking long-term weather forecasts and set their 30 years wedding anniversary vacation and camping trip on this week as it was supposed to be warm with occasional short rains for all this week and most of next one. Now this week is cold and rainy one and next one is dry and over +35C. Ruined plans all around.
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