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Negative emotions

For photoschallenge contest that came just at the right time.

Sadness - sad that a fabulous vacation is over and my camera is dead.

Anger - I had plans for today. But then it started raining... and raining.. and there is no signs that it'll stop.

Disappointment - my camera absolutely refuses to focus right when using macro setting. Such cute mushrooms and all out of focus.

Grief - Alisa. It still hurts.

Loneliness - wandering around Moscow alone when I have a layover there.

Guilt - absolutely wrong way to wash sneakers, mama told me off several times already for that. I'm still using it.

Hate - I hate it when people get drunk.

Disgust - And people were surprised she tried to attack anyone who was stupid enough to give her half a chance...

Annoyance - wet feet we all got after three hours in forest. Several people even decided to go barefoot for a while in (empty) hopes that boots will dry a bit.

Pain - by the time I got around cleaning and boiling gathered mushrooms I had a headache from hell.
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