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Mushroom trip photos.

All right. I don't think I'll get to really sorting photos from past weekend any time soon. So here are some chosen ones. And sorry for mushrooms' names - I trusted Wikipedia on that.

Here's a part of forest where we were:

First finds weren't any good, for me at least, as I don't take Russulas (first three photos). Puffballs and various chagas were even more useless.

Even if I completely forgot about having a camera when i saw good mushrooms, I got some really nice photos when there weren't any. Second photo is an old mushroom with tiny new ones growing on top.

Me as I was there (later I lost both jacket and sneakers as it was hot), frying sausages on small bonfire and an attempt to dry shoes a bit (black socks are mine).

And this is my personal haul - not bad for about 3 hours and lack of practice. And thanks to lots of good king boletes I won unofficial "quality" competition.

Some more photos are at Photobucket, but I posted most of them here.
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