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How do I go shopping with mother.
We meet at a shopping center after work (she finishes lather than i do), walk in each and every shop and try everything that one of us think might be right and other can't shout down. We spend 2-3 hours at it and neither is fully satisfied with results (and sometimes we are angry at each other). Clothes we bought spend a season or two in my wardrobe and are listed as "Darn, I have nothing to wear today. Wait there was that thing I bought, it'll have to do". Some time later I discreetly get rid of them.

How do I shop on my own.
At lunch hour, after eating at work (or after work if I was busy) I go to the nearest mall. I go to 2-3 shops that "look likely" to me and try only things that I really like or walk right out if I don't see anything. I exploit sale's ladies if they are young and avoid elder ones (mama prefers their advice). Usually I find what I'm looking for at one of the first 4 shops I enter and often I find something else as a bonus. Clothes bought end up as my favorite and are worn as often as possible. Once they are too old to be worn in public they became home clothes.

Case in point: today at lunch I got not only high-waist jeans* I needed for this weekend but also a perfect blouse to go with them. Took me about 30 minutes and I had time left to run to a food store and grab some juice, as it is hot today. And I was back to work before end of lunch break.

* Well, price tag says they are capri. On me they are just short of full length.
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