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I'm going through a non-LJing period.

I'm not posting right now as there is nothing going on and I'm often not in mood to write about what little does happen.

Yesterday I finally got out to go to movie, just to do something. I choose new GI Joe movie, as I ran into this name several times in Transformers Comics (yes I'm still a fan, sue me), but I never read any of them and completely unfamiliar with their story. My expectations of "cool technology and weapons, lots of fighting and explosions with barely any plot" were right, though I was a bit disappointed on fighting - too many scenes gave me flashbacks to other films, StarWars and Matrix mainly. Still, I had fun and probably will get a copy for home collection - it is a nice movie to watch (and poke holes at) with father. Also I'm kinda hoping they won't flush sequels' quality down the toilet as they did with X-men.

And... I'm paying for it today - my back is still out. Worst part of going to movie theater for me is not popcorn-chewing crowd or way too loud sound, it is their seats. In all the remodeled cinemas seats are big enough to seat two of me and in the new ones rows are also too low. So I have to sit in the back rows to avoid kinking my neck (and possibly fainting) and with my legs tucked under me - both to add some more height and to be able to reach backrest. Still not fully comfortable but it works for me.
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