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Hot water cut-offs I can deal with. Cold water is another matter.

Hot water cut-offs are annoying, sure, but they are something everyone who lives in former Soviet Union got used to and sees them as a normal part of live. Twice a summer for two weeks you have to get up earlier than normal to heat some water and wash in a bucket or a basin. Lately it is even 10 or 7 days instead of two weeks. But for the rest of the year you don't have to worry that "someone have spent all hot water again".

But equipment gets older and older, so... This year's second hot water cut-off was not only far longer - first note said 7 days, second note said 10, but in fact it lasted about 17 - but two days after we finally got hot water back... they cut cold water. With no notice at all. First two days they cut it during work hours, but right now it has been off since yesterday midday. I had washing machine on, it nearly got overheated after spending a couple of hours trying to get some water in. I had to scrape my plans as it took too long to get water cooled enough that I could finally wash my head and don't even start on the loo. Oh, and don't forget cooking - for now I'm good as we have a pot of soup in the fridge, parents run away to dacha and I can get by without soups. But I really hope they will finish maintenance no later than Monday evening.
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