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Bad night

Because of toothache I have stayed awake all night. It started at 8pm, when all dentists were already closed (if they were working on Sunday at all) and while it is bearable when I'm sitting or moving around and have a mug with cool water at hand, when I try to lie down it flares up in a couple of minutes. So I spent night having really short naps and mostly browsing internet. I've also tried all 3 types of non-prescription painkillers we have at home - non have worked.

So now I'm desperately waiting out last hour before I can go to dentist mama prefers. Quite ironically, she is right next to my work, so I'm also faced with dilemma - save some money and come 20 minutes later on work car or go there earliest I can, but splurge on taxi. And of course I'm calling in sick at work - I may be awake and coherent right now, but after dentist I'll be completely incapable of work even without sleepless night.
Tags: moments of my life

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