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Gifts for the soul

My post is short this time, only 8 pictures. But well, I'm one of those people who need spiritual "pick-me-up" and I had hard time finding even these 8.

Here they are:

A small rainbow on the wall that I often see in the morning. It is a gift of nature as there is nothing I can find that will make it appear.

Macro setting on my new camera - I wasn't looking for it, at that moment I just wanted a camera that would work and make good photos after the first failure. Well, and a flower candle too - it was a gift from my aunt and I treasure it.

Warmth. When it is barely +18C in the room and central heating won't be on for another week at least it is a great gift to be warm.
Featured in the picture are my woolen socks, sheep-skin shoes and sheep-skin jacket. And I'm wearing another jacket while I'm taking this photo.

Watermelon. They really don't grow here, but mother keeps trying. Well, this one didn't ripen, but it was already so sweet... we didn't risk trying to eat it, though.

Old friends that stay with me no matter what. All right, only one person from that photo is still my friend (and my sister is there too) but that was the only photo of three of us together that I had at hand.

Golden Autumn. It is the most beautiful time of year here with all trees in golden colors with some splashes of green and red and bluest sky above it all. It is not here yet this year and I can't wait for it to come.

Alisa. Those years she spent with us and the love she gave us were the best gifts I could ever have.

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