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Late Friday 13th

Friday 13th caught up to me on Sunday. Or probably Monday, as it was already after midnight.

I have run out of my anti allergic pills on Friday and forgot to buy them. Then i thought I would be all right until Monday, as I try not to rely on pills completely. But... last week there was 2 Birthday parties at work and then I made 4 apple cakes at home and while I didn't eat all that much of sweets and fruits, apparently it was enough. At about 1am I woke up because my allergy flared up in that "do I really need skin on my back? Didn't think so" way, and I twisted trying to sleep until 4am when I have finally remembered that I might have another pack hidden in my travel "medicine chest". Turned out I did have some there and twenty minutes later I was finally asleep.

But as a result I got way too little sleep (I get up at 6am) and I have scratched myself worse then I have since I was 18, I think. Very bad start of the day.
Tags: moments of my life

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