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Math skills are absent when money concerned.

Why do my math skills always fail me when it comes to anything dealing with money? When it it plain numbers, I have no problem calculating in my mind or with basic calculator for division and multiplication. But the moment I need to even add several numbers and the result will have any relation to money operation... I might as well have absolutely no education in math.

Case in hand - I was filling out this month's bills. Most of them have a set fee, that is already printed on them and I needed only to copy it by hand (probably so that it was clear I know and agree with it). But electric bill is filled out based on our electrical counter, which to add to fun has day and night rate and the bill is filled out for a full month, but we pay it on 22-25th to avoid crowds. That all adds to a rather simple calculation... that I still can't do right first time. Or second, or third. Today I once again messed it up three times before giving up and entering all numbers and formulas into Excel. Got fourth result, that I hope is right. Well, mama didn't yell for me to come and explain (she is checking bills now) so I think I got it right.
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