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Initiative is punished. Always.

Why, oh why did I made it known at work that I'm somewhat good at photography?

Latest New Year idea is a slide-show made of photos of all the departments together and of individual people. Or something like that, I didn't pay attention, as it is not my headache. My headache will be herding everyone for photo session and taking photos. Why me? I'm second best photographer - at least the one who was stupid enough to make my skill known. And final argument - people won't understand if the head of Security will be going around and taking photos of everyone, and that I had a professional camera. And when I tried to protest that I didn't use my own camera last time, I was told that Gennadiy will lend his to me.

At least I'll have help herding (and identifying) everyone, as I don't have too good people skills and I don't know most of people even in who they are and where which department is.
Oh, and here's to hoping I won't get volunteered for New Year's party itself. Although I just might throw an idea of not leaving out people at the factories - why must we suffer alone?
Tags: moments at work, stupid ideas

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