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Card Exchange.

Stealing idea from people on my f-list, and as I'm already (hopefully) signed on several, I'm going to start my own Christmas Card list.

So if you want a card from me, leave a comment with your address here - comments are screened - and I'll send a card for you. Also as Christmas is a lesser holiday here and New Year is much more important, say if you want a Christmas card, a New Year card or both.

As I'm posting this late, cards will probably come late too, but I promise to send them withing two days of getting your address.

List of cards to send:
  • scowling_hermit card sent, package will come later as I don't dare to burn CD
  • squirrels_oh_no card sent
  • sanjuno signed for hers, waiting for address
  • musicalheart card sent
    3 more cards left.

    Sorry for delays, cards will go out on Monday.
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