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Dead day.

I really truly hate that trick that our weather pulled yesterday night. Not only temperature went from around -20 to solid -30 and more, but atmospheric pressure also jumped up over night. As a result I woke up at 1am with a migraine from hell and spent most of the night being sick. I barely had enough mind to kill my alarm and later to call in sick at work. then I spent the rest of the day asleep. I woke up midday when father came and I stayed awake for about two hours then fell asleep again.
At least today I'm mostly normal. But here's to hoping that pressure won't drop back down as fast.

One bright spot was that on Monday when I was sending out cards I found out that my coin albums finally got here, so I spent those two hours I was conscious yesterday sorting part of my collection into new albums. My only mistake was that I didn't order additional inserts as I run out of the ones that came with albums without sorting my main collection - that is Soviet rubles and modern coins of 10 rubles. Well, as soon as I have money, I'm going to order inserts and move those coins too.

Well, and now I'm stuck trying to make my brains work. I really need to finish at least one of requests, and I'd really like it to be salary calculation, as girls made some moves about getting me here over holiday days off if I'm not done. I can understand them - I have remade their old calculation almost 3 years ago and since then they only needed to press a sequence of buttons, and the new one is much more complicated, they have already had redo November three times.
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