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Mother got tickets to see Avatar in 3D. Originally I was going to go to see it with a friend, but mother was first. I was doubly excited - last and only time I saw anything in just stereo was back when I was about 13. And all of my friends gave brilliant recommendations for this film.

This is definitely a film I'm getting once it is out on DVD and I think I'd be tempted to get something that I can use to see it on BlueRay. And I will want to go see it again and again in movie theater, just not in 3D. That is too hard on my eyes, I still have a killing headache 3 hours after seeing it. James Cameron have outdone himself once again, I think he was right to sit on it for that long if that's what he gave us in the end.

Headache though is really bad. I think I'm not going to see anything 3D ever again.
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