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Murphy Law strikes again

This Monday apparently decided to prove that Monday is the hardest day of the week. First was of course at work - all things that were left unfinished on last Friday and getting back into them. Then I had plans to go to bank to deposit some money. I finish work with just enough time to get to bank and fill paperwork there before it closes, so of course at 17:15 - 15 minutes before quitting time - there was an emergency that had to be sorted right away. (let it be noted, that while I stayed at work late, found what went wrong and told people how to correct it, it is still not corrected) So I was too late and had to go to bank on Tuesday and not only it went to nearly -30 in the evening but bank changed their rates that very day and I got much worse deal that I would have got on Monday. Oh, and to top it all, I have managed to kill my 16Gb flash drive. I'm not sure if I just have accidentally  formatted it under Linux into some strange format or if I hit it with static and didn't notice, but it is no longer detectable by both Windows and Linux and no service program I found on Internet helps.
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