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Friday Five -- February 26, 2010

1) What's your favorite magazine?
None. I don't read magazines at all. It could have been some computer magazine, but I didn't find one I am willing to subscribe to.

2) What book are you currently reading?
A collection of novels by Andre Norton. And curse our - Soviet - translators, but I can't even guess what the original titles are. One is 'Star man's son, 2250 a.d.', but it was translated as 'Dawn in the year 2250', another two - the ones I am reading now - are 'Star Rangers' and 'The Last Planet', two more I am not going to try and guess.
It is also one of the books that I have just finished repairing, it fell apart after over 30 years of intensive reading. I am so happy I could save it.

3) What's the worst book you ever read?
'Year of the Rat. Seer.' by Olga Gromyko. The worst book I had misfortune to open. I have finished it only because i don't like to leave a book unfinished, but I was mostly just leafing through second half.

4) What makes a book perfect for you?
Hard to say. An interesting plot, a living world and good writing style are probably main parts. Strangely, if a world of a book is good, then I may not care for described characters and read book even if they are dull, flat or stupid. I just pay attention to the world and make up my own ideas for that world.

5) If you could buy any book right now, which one would it be?
If you could? What a silly phrasing. I can afford buying books if I want and there are some good shops around here. Main problem is finding time to actually go there and browse through selection. Next book I'll buy will probably be something by Robert Heinlein or Andre Norton.
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