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Seven habits/quirks/facts tag.

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people.

I got myself tagged by sanjuno, so here are mine.

1. Sometimes I use cat noises to communicate when only my family is around. I can actually hold a full conversation like that with my father. This was also a great help with my last cat, as Alisa reacted much better to me hissing and yowling at her than to a yelled No.
And I know who is to blame for this quirk - f_i_e_s_t_a, I am looking at you, sis.

2. 10 years ago I was terrified of getting close to a computer, I was sure that either I will break it or it will attack me. When we were visiting my cousin whose father had a computer, I stayed far away until a game I liked was running and even then if something unexpected - like screensaver activating - happened, I ran for help. Then I got my own computer - given to me with the worlds "don't worry, it was either give it to you or throw it out" - I did my best to destroy it by trying everything I read in books. After less than a year I couldn't imagine getting a job not connected to computers.

3. I get caught up in new things easily - new book series, new fandom, new game, role-playing on forum or in RL, new hobby, skiing or new place or way to spend a vacation. I have to find out everything and all previous interests fall into background. But I also can suddenly loose interest completely until months later something just kicks it back.

4. I rarely get emotionally attached to people. When I completely lose contact with someone I was close friend with, it doesn't really bother me and I rarely miss them. I think that by now most of my friends are familiar with my habit of falling out of touch unless they are the ones pocking me. It comes partially from my shyness - I don't want to be a bother and risk calling at the wrong moment - and partially from the fact that I am a loner by nature. I am completely comfortable spending days without speaking with anyone, but during parties I am lost, even if everyone there are my friends.

5. In the last year I got caught in playing Dragon Cave and Ponystars, both addictions are to be blamed on two of my favorite Transformers fanfic-writers, sanjuno and purajo respectively.

6. I like collecting small things and souvenirs and I hate to throw them out. Shelves in my room are getting rather cluttered because even if I don't travel often, I am still keeping old random "treasures" back from my childhood. Like a paper tiger from a fold-out book I had when I was 4 that I found stuck somewhere in the old wardrobe when we were taking it apart, or clay figures my sister and I made for your parents some 15 years ago. I spent a lot of time looking for my old fake Barby doll to put it on a place of honor, but mother apparently found it first.

(This one got replaced before I got around typing it)
7. I just can't say no when someone asks me for help and I can help them. Even if I know that bonus payment will go to that other person and not me. That is why I often work on several things at once or stay at work after hours - like now. At least after two years I have learned not to volunteer my ideas before I am asked, and learned how to get through that something is impossible to do in the time frame specified.

And now I am tagging:
f_i_e_s_t_a (if you ever get time for it), moon_happy (just sharing the fun), jillnapt413, prof_nrvna  (welcoming two new LJers to the land of memes and tags wandering here), va_ks_a (feel free to post in Russian or even in your other journal), shechoselove  (to get you distracted and hopefully cheer up a bit) and bakarichan (when you decide to return).
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