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Inherited list for Ponystars

As I try to vote for all foals born to my stallions, sometimes I include inherits that are from my stallions and other people's mares and are in their herds.

Inherited list:
1. Foal from Silver Neko inherited Chineese mane. It was my first breeding in game.
2. Yet unnamed baby from Dawn Dancer and her (I bred them right before sending her to BM). Inherited White Tribal bm.
3. Heavenly Dream from my now sold pony inherited crasy Magic Coat.
4. Spirit from White Cake inherited Butterfly Mane.
5. Irish Present from Vihrea inherited Leprechaun Coat.
6. Hamara from Voi Sydan inherited Carnival Coat.
7. Atalanta- Goddess of travel & the hunt from Onnea inherited Olimpics Mane.
8. Bubbles from Yollinen inherited Ice Mane.
9. Jammy from Lumi-ja Noki inherited April Fish Coat.
10. Foal from Bereginia inherited Phoenix Hooves.
11. Darkness Enveloped Fearful Love from Dawn Dancer and Katketty inherited Pink Lace Brand Mark.
12. Foal from Taivas and Aurinko inherited Inferno Barnd Mark.
13. dark deception from Etsia inherited black Magic Coat.
14. Lucky ;3 from Sininen inherited Angel Hooves.
15. Mika from Ei Hiisi and Lintu Onnea inherited Baby sitter Hooves.
16. Foal from Hohtava and Mansikka inherited Kawai Mane.
17. Foal from Silver Neko inherited Christmas 2006 Mane.
18. Wanna Talk Like Me... from Puna Turkoosi and Haavan Lehdet inherited Blue Lace Coat.
19. Foal from Lintu Onnea inherited Moon Brand Mark
20. A Much-Loved Plitch from Drala Fi inherited Lotus Flower Brand Mark
21. Foal from Voi Sydan inherited 2009 Chinese New Year Hooves
22. Satinka from Eloisa inherited 2009 Gemini Hooves
23. Foal from Katketty inherited Pink Lace Brand Mark.
24. Glory in the Mystery from Mystery's Daughter inherited Bollywood Brand Mark.
25. Jack from Etsia inherited White Tribal Brand Mark.
26. Foal from Drala Fi inherited Male Goth Brand Mark.
27. Pyhän Patrickin from Onnea inherited Halloween 2006 Coat.
28. Foal from Milhent's messenger and Tyylikas Luistelija inherited Emo Coat.
29. Foal from Puna Turkoosi and Mystery`s Daughter inherited Goth Mane and Alchemist Brand Mark.
30. Foal from Talvi Kävellä inherited Gothic Hooves
31. Foal from Bereginia inherited Black Dragon Coat
32. Foal from Dawn Dancer and Juoni Leidi inherited Reggae Coat
33. Foal from Queen Safiiri inherited Crystal Hooves
34. Foal from Alakuloinen Tähti inherited Phoenix Hooves
35. Himmeä Vedet from Murky Waters inherited Dalmatian Coat
36. Foal from Valkoinen and Pimea Yo inherited Gothic Brand Mark
37. Foal from Yollinen inherited Virgo Coat.
38. Foal from Voi Sydan inherited Sea Sprite Hooves.
39. IT Sweetie from Hamara inherited Michael Jackson Hooves.
40. Foal from Liekki and Heinikkö Kevät inherited Florist Coat.
41. Foal from Moving Violation: Failure to Stop inherited Panacea's Healing Mane
42. Foal from Onnea and Yollinen inherited Ice Mane
43. Foal from Voi Sydan and Revontulet inherited Rainbow Mane
44. Foal from Moving Violation: Failure to Stop and Murky Waters inherited Emo Hooves
45. Foal from Metsä Tytär (g) and Puna Turkoosi inherited Color Drill mane
46. Foal from Silkka Viattomuus and Kesä Marja inherited Chinese new year 2010 hooves.
47. Foal from Mystery's Daughter inherited Heroic Fantasy hooves.
48. Foal from Rubiini and Heinikkö Kevät inherited Snow Queen Coat.
Mass breeding - 33 pairs, 4 IT traits
49. Foal from Valkoinen and Pimea Yo inherited Christmass 2006 Mane.
50. Foal from Luumu Tase and Onnea inherited Genie of the Lamp Hooves.
51. Foal from Kevään Kukka inherited Gardener Mane.
Mass breeding - 39 pairs, 3 IT traits
52. Foal from Haavan Lehdet inherited Libra Coat.
53. Foal from Prinssi Lohikäärme and Silver Neko inherited Vampire Brand Mark.
54. Foal from White Cake inherited Joker Tattoo.
55. Foal from Stribog and Zorya Zornitsa inherited Painted Ponystar Mane
56. Foal from Alakuloinen Tähti inherited Violet Witch hooves.


Other notes:
Azura`s Eyes is a guest in my herd, she came with mane and hooves and will return to her owner if and when she will want her back.

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