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Wandering in the morning

I have once again fought and lost government machine while trying to make a new travel passport. My old one expired after New year, but I wasn't in hurry to replace it, as I don't have any travel plans until end of summer. But this was my third trip.First time I didn't know that the office I went to doesn't work with our area. Second time I came too late and didn't even get into a waiting line for a ticket. Today I came there by the opening time... and once again didn't get a ticket, they were all out 3 peoples before me. I give up, I'll have to take a day off and go there on a work day, when there hopefully will be fewer people.

But at least I took a nice if a little cold walk and took some photos. And had a laugh at one man on the beach. What do you think he is doing? He is playing golf.

Tags: moments of my life, photos

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