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Double ouch

First I found out that now I am lactose-intolerant, and since I love milk, the richer the better, it is more than mildly upsetting. I am going to have to try to find some lactose-free milk brands. I just hope that there are some around here. Two years ago I didn't even heard about lactose-free and when I first tried it, I was unimpressed. Guess, I'll have to get used now.

And second one... is my birthday party. I am working on breaking my parents out of this habit since I turned 17, but there is little success so far. It is still to early and usually too cold to have it out on dacha, where it will consist of shashlik, boiled potatoes and some wine. this year it was expected to be warm, but today they have changed it to barely +15C. Oh, and even if they didn't I expected normal weather and booked a haircut on Saturday, when we were going to have that "party". Now there will be two - Friday evening at home and Sunday at dacha.
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