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Flower photos

I spent most of the day catching up on sleep, until I remembered that weather forecast promised rainstorm for al day tomorrow and I need to go to dacha and take photos of spring flowers that are still blooming. So I grabbed camera and went. Of course, the clear sky and bright sun that I saw when leaving were replaced with heavy clouds by the time I got there. And to top it all I didn't check charge on camera. But I managed to take some photos.

Mother's flower bed, but I always forget the names of those flowers. A fluffy tulip. I will never believe they are normal flowers and not some freaky accidents. And Lily of the Valley - my most favourite flower.

And then photo camera died and I was left with only my phone camera, which does not pick colors right even in best light conditions. So I gave up and set it on "false colors" setting. This is what I got.
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