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Some more bird-watching.

Today I have only bird photos and I will post flowers tomorrow. I hope.

People at ru_birds IDed it as Fieldfare.
I thought my sister would kill me when I went after this bird. We were walking to a bus stop when I saw it. I got out my camera, told sister "Don't move" and started creeping after the bird. It was fast and I spent several minutes trying to take a good photo - in the end only one was any good.

I saw this young magpie playing in a flowerbed on my way to work and I had to stop an take some photos, it was so cute. It was also completely unafraid and let me get really close. But I still didn't get any good photos, it was jumping around all the time.

I was wondering why there is a small hole on the top of sand-pile. this time I caught who is responsible. They were so busy, they let me get much closer than usual, but then I just had to trip.

Not sure as I never got close enough to one, but I think it is a crow.
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