Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Summer work fun.

Once again it is time for the our company's birthday. And they sure are following the rule that the bigger corporation is, the less money they are willing to spend.

The year before I came, it was held in a high-scale resort over two-days weekend. In 2007, when I was just hired, it was another two-days weekend in a cheaper resort. It was a lot of fun, and I am keeping my broken glasses as a souvenir.(And everyone who weren't drinking a lot, got food poisoning - including me.) Next year it was back to the same resort, but this time for one day only, and I missed it, as I was on a vacation. Last year it was a trip to a forest and a team game. I didn't go, because it wasn't interesting enough for me.

This year it will be a team game in the city and a party on a pay beach. I am thinking of going - weather forecast is good, and I didn't have a chance yet to go swimming or to have a walk around city with my camera. Provided I get over my cold by Sunday, of course.

Oh, and I am hoping I can get a week-long vacation starting on 26th. My parents have theirs starting on 19th and if I get my approved, it will be our first family vacation in several years. We already have plans. :D
Tags: moments at work, vacation

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