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Shopping for vacation.

Today have proved that I too can spend all day shopping. Ok, not all day, but that was only because we have started late. My sister and I both needed new clothes for coming vacation - we are going to Greece! - so today was the day we decided to go shopping, while we have time.

So here's what I got:

Two tee-shirts, two shorts and sports shoes. Swimming suit in the photo is actually an old one, but I have worn it once and then forgot about it.

And I love sales. I would have felt bad about buying them at real prices. Especially since I have just spent more money than I expected on buying books from Amazon.
Violet t-shirt - 890rub. ($29) 340rub. ($11)
Orange t-shirt - 750rub. ($24) 450rub. ($14)
Dark shorts - 890rub. ($29) 340rub. ($11)
Light shorts - 1290rub. ($42) 387rub. ($12)
Shoes - 2595rub. ($85) 1788rub. ($58)

Still need to buy pareo, one-piece swimsuit (for waterpark) and new phone (before this one dies completely). And to remember tomorrow to get new glasses.
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