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Stupid dreams

Brain, what was that? I can kinda understand that cruise liner from I dreamed about yesterday. I can also understand why it have played Titanic. I am going to vacation soon after all. Where did it find an Iceberg in Mediterranean Sea is a mystery of a dream...

But what was that today?

Me, moving back (back? how and why did I move out in the first place?) only to find out that my parents have rented out two rooms to a family they didn't get along with at all? Ok, at least that dream-flat was four-room and bigger then in reality. And it had a big walk-in closet in my room, that we had accidentally covered with a cupboard when I was small. But still. Living in the same flat with four extra people, their cat and dog... And with one of those four being a baby-girl. Of course for some reason it fell to me to patch up relations with them. Then, once we were friends, my front teeth have shattered and were hanging in parts in my mouth hurting me and everyone were running around panicking (ok, mostly me) as it is too far to go to my preferred dentist. After some running around I got an answer about what to do - "Wake up, duh".
And when I woke up, I was so relieved that our flat was back to normal. But I wish I did have a walk-in closet from my dream - it was full of cool old stuff.
Tags: dreams

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