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Goodbye Summer, see you next May

Well, summer is over. I had to pull out second warm blanket this night. And a hot tea mug is my best friend at work.

Temperature dropped from +15 - +20C to +5C and don't remind me of yesterday's evening. I had to stay after work and left only at 8:30pm, by when weather went from simply cool to really unpleasant. Wind was already bad - on top of being really cold - and there was a light rain. I barely made it home when wind become even stronger. No trees were broken this morning, but I think it is more because all of the weaker ones fell back in the beginning of summer. It was great to watch from window, especially with stray leaves flashing in the lamplight, but I really wouldn't have wanted to be out there.

Another reminder of autumn - all buses are full with schoolchildren and their parents. Now I remember why I left 20 minutes earlier for the past week ^_^. And permanent morning traffic jam near my work starts earlier and stretches farther because of all the parents who drive their children to school.
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